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Hungarian Travel

The agency of cultural Hungarian Travel programs!

Fine Art Tours deals basicaly with cultural tourism in Hungary. The company was founded in 1999 in order to show the hidden treasures in Hungary, the works of art, the beauties of nature, the gastronomic particularities and the special Hungarian traditions with cultural programs both for individual guests and groups.


If you want to see Budapest, we not only offer you the traditional sightseeing tour, but also introduce you the Hungarian history, music and fine art in great detail. We organise private tours both for individual guests and groups in any language.
We recommend You the Passions in Budapest, if You have a special range of interest


During your stay in the Capitol or on circular tour in Hungary you can visit the countryside, where you see historical monuments, castles, churches, towns and villages, natural surroundings and culture. You will also get to know the Hungarian traditions and taste the excellent Hungarian cuisine with fine wines. All of this can be spiced with cultural- and musicprograms.


If you are interested in music, we recommend you to take part in a Hungarian festival. If you wish, we can send you the detailed festivalprograms, we can arrange tickets, book your hotel, restaurants and organise your excursions.

Half-day sightseeing private city tour at Budapest (4 hours)

We will visit the Jewish district, the Hero's Square, where statues of Hungarian kings can be seen. We will walk to the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Széchenyi Bath in the City Park.....- more details and prices >

A full day, private city tour in Budapest, can be completed with optional sights (8 hours)

such as: Saint Stephen's Cathedral, State Opera House, Parliament building ,National Gallery (Hungarian paintings) ,Museum of Fine Arts (Spanish, Italian, Dutch etc. paintings).....- more details and prices >

Half day tour along the Hungarian Art Nouveau (4 hours)

Visitors will not only find beautiful buildings created in Budapest in West European styles, such as Neo-Baroque or Neo-Renaissance, but also building which have similarities with international Art Nouveau.....- more details and prices >

We hope to see you in Hungary soon!

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at: +36-30 9611-059

Joó Ferenc, idegenvezető

Best Regards,

Ferenc Joó

art historian-tour guide



Joó Ferenc privát idegenvezető, túrák Budapesten és Magyarországon