Circular tours in Hungary

Hungary is very rich both in natural resources and historical monuments. We invite you to visit the countryside. During our circular tours you can have a chance to explore the treasures of Hungary.

Let see an example of circular tours in Hungary

hollókõ Arrival to Budapest. We will travel to the South-Eastern direction, where we want to visit Hollókõ. This village is even a part of World Heritage. It has kept its architecture and traditions. During a walk in Hollókõ you can look at the old houses and the national costume of local people. You will have the chance to taste the special cake of the village.
We will continue our way to Eger. This beautiful Baroque town is famous for its wine and the castle.


 Sightseeing tour in Eger. The town is an archbishopric, where we visit the second largest cathedral in Hungary and the interesting cast-iron gates.
Also, our tour will take us to the great Castle of Eger, that is very famous for its siege against the Turks in the 16th century.
We will visit the Valley of Beautiful Women. You can taste the excellent wines of Eger in one of the old cellars.

 We will travel to Hortobágy. You will see the Great Hungarian Plain with its endless horizont, the " Puszta " stretching in Eastern Hungary.
In the National Park in Hortobágy - which is also a part of World Heritage - you can see protected animals, such as grey cow, long horn sheep, or mangalica pig. You will also have the chance to look at a horse show and taste the traditional Hungarian cuisine in a country inn, called "csárda".



Gödöllõ : Our tour will take us to the Royal Palace in Gödöllõ , which is the largest Baroque palace in Hungary, that was used by the royal family between 1867 and 1918. After a hard period in the last 50 years the building has been beautifully renovated.
We will visit an exhibition of Baroque period, moreover the former rooms of Franz Joseph and the popular Queen Elisabeth (Sissy).
Our next stop will be in Kecskemét . This nice town is the home of apricot brandy, it is famous for its buildings in Hungarian Art Nouveau and for folkmusic.
On the same day we will travel to Szeged . This town is situated in South-Eastern part of Hungary. It is famous for its rich culture, paprika and the fine pick-salami. Our tour will take us to the South-Western Hungary, to Pécs. This beautiful town is very rich in Roman, Turkish and Christian monuments. We will need a whole day to visit the most important sights in Pécs.
During the sightseeing tour we are walking to old-christian graves from the Roman period (4th century), we want to visit mosques from the rule of the Turks (16-17th century).
On the same tour we can look at the cathedral and visit an exhibition by Victor Vasarely, who was born in Pécs.
It is worth visiting the Museum of the Zsolnay Ceramic and the exhibiton of one of the greatest Hungarian painters, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka.
Near Pécs you can find a great wine-region, in Villány, which is very famous for red wines. We will have dinner here and taste wine.


CIRCULAR TOURS in HUNGARY: Balaton We will continue our tour to the Balaton lake, that is the largest lake in Middle and Western Europe.
We will travel to Tihany, which is a beautiful demi-island. We will visit here the famous Baroque Abbey Church and its Romanesque crypt. After having a picturesque view of the lake you can have some free time for shopping.
On the same tour we will travel to Balatonfüred. This a spa town, "the Mekka of Cardiacs". We can walk on the nice promenade.
Also, our tour will take us to Keszthely, where we would like to show you one of the most beautiful palaces in Hungary, the Festetics Palace.



Fertõdi kasté We will visit Sopron , in the North-Western part of the country. This town is very rich in monuments. The most important sights are the medivial church and the medivial synagogue. Our tour will take us to Fertõd, to the Palace of Eszterházy family and to Pannonhalma, where the oldest monastry in Hungary can be found. We want to look at the medivial church, the monastry and the library.
We will arrive to Budapest. : Half-day sightseeing tour in Budapest.
We will visit the Jewish district, and the Hero's Square, where statues of Hungarian kings can be seen. We will walk to the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Széchenyi Bath in the City Park.
On the same tour we will pass the State Opera House, the Saint Stephen's Cathedral and the magnificent Parliament building.
Also, our tour will take us to the Castle District of Buda, where we can visit the Matthias Church and enjoy the picturesque view from Fishermen's Bastion.
We will also stop to marvel at the renowned view of Budapest from the Gellért Hill.


CIRCULAR TOURS IN HUNGARY: : We are going on an excursion to Danube Bend.
Our first stop will be in Esztergom which is the catholic seat of Hungary. We will visit the largest cathedral in the country and the treasury, that is the richest ecclesiastical collection in Hungary. We can enjoy the nice view of Slovakia on the riverbank.
Also, our tour will take us to Visegrád, where we visit the ruins of the medivial castle and enjoy the picturesque view of Danube Bend
Szentendre is a town of artists with a picturesque Mediterranean atmosphere. It was built by Serbs and Greeks int he 18th century.
The town has a lot of interesting museums, orthodox churches, cafes and restaurants.
During a walk we will visit a Serb church and an exhibition by the world-famous Hungarian ceramic artist, Margit Kovács.
You can have a chance to go shopping in free time.

Circular tours in Hungary